NewDeal Office 3.2a

Category: OS
Year: 2000
Description:The full, non-eval version of NewDeal Office 3.2a -- S/N: 4000-0000-0002-8422
Manufacturer: Newdeal
Localization: EN

Files to download

#7158NDO_32A.part1.rar3 MB0xA64C4624Fake?
#7159NDO_32A.part2.rar3 MB0x69A9E337
#7160NDO_32A.part3.rar2.6 MB0x9BF7A34F

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On Tuesday January 1, 2013  said:

There are no fake files. Using Linux, I runned "unrar x NDO_32A.part1.rar" and as result, an ISO image file named "NDO_32A.iso" was created. Burn this into a CD-ROM using low speed settings (8X, for example) and you are ready to go! The suite works perfect, all the applications included works and even high resolution graphic modes can be used if your graphics cards have a good VESA standard support (look for Display Doctor if needed). Don't forget the serial, you'll need it after installation, the uploader put a txt file with the serial number, but it's also available here in this page, look the description of the software and take note of the number.

On Tuesday December 29, 2009 pentium4 said:

they are not seperate disks. the rar file was split into 3mb parts because of upload issues. you need to download all of the parts into a directory and uncompress them by opening one of the parts in an archiving utility like winrar or izarc. i prefer izarc for decompression since its free.

On Tuesday December 29, 2009 said:

disk 2 and 3 iso images have 0 bytes