Netware DOS 7 7.0 with Update 15

Category: OS
Year: 1995
Description:This is the last version of Novell Netware DOS 7 with the final Update 15 included. No serial number is included, but the setup program accepts 8 digits and you can search for a serial number online. Update 15 for NW-DOS 7 finally fixed all of the major bugs. I edited the original SETUP.INI file on my floppy disks such that all files load from the same directory during installation, rather than having the setup program request the insertion of the original individual floppy disks. The original setup.ini file is also included, but is renamed as SETUP.IN1. You can look at the renamed SETUP.IN1 file in order to determine which files were on each original floppy disks, or at least the way I made the Update 15 files fit onto the same number of original floppy disks. It is 20 years later and I can't remember. Other than that, all files are exactly as they were on my original floppy disks from around 20 years ago. It makes me realize that I am getting old. It took Novell around a year to roll out all 15 updates for NW-DOS 7. Soon after Update 15 came out, I transitioned from NW-DOS 7 plus Win 3.1 to Win95. If you need a DOS with good high memory area management in order to run older DOS programs which need as much memory available below 640K, then this just might be the ticket for you.
Manufacturer: Novell Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14646NWDOS7_with_Update15.zip7.4 MB0xA3A45D7C

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On Friday April 16, 2021 ahmed1428 said:

thanks please i want too increase my carama

On Thursday October 9, 2014 kirchner said:

This does not only need a serial number, but also the BOOTSECTOR.
Yet it seems this can be found.