Netware 3.12

Category: OS
Year: 1993
Description:This is a 10 user version of Netware 3.12 on 3 1/2" disk images. I've heard of people installing this on Qemu & VMWare
Manufacturer: Novell, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#8266nw312-1.rar1.9 MB0x2C2E7AFD
#8267nw312-2.rar3 MB0xB802AB5E
#8268nw312-3.rar4.7 MB0xDF6CD4D7
#8269nw312-4.rar3.6 MB0xDBE8ADA2

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On Saturday October 21, 2017 jmull said:

novell netware manuals here:​NovellNetware312_docs%203.12/?​id=14045

On Friday October 20, 2017 jmull said:

installed on qemu, works fine:
qemu-img create nw312_500m.img 500M
qemu-system-i386 -cpu 486 -m size=8M -device ne2k_isa,irq=3,iobase=0x300 -hda nw312_500m.img -fda ./nw312/INSTALL.vfd
I have manuals from way back, how to upload them here ?

On Friday November 14, 2014 Djati said:

i klik 'fake' accidentally on nw312-1.rar. would you please make that file available again?

On Tuesday April 2, 2013  said:

Download working fine...
Working fine... just... I can't remember how Netware 3.12 works... :d