Netcaptor 7.5.3

Category: Communication
Year: 2004
Description:This is the last version ever released of the *first* tabbed browser, from which Opera took the idea of tabs rather than browser windows. It uses the IE engine, works with any version between 5.x and 7.x, on Windows 9x to 7.
Manufacturer: Stilesoft inc
Localization: EN
OS: Windows NT/2000

Files to download

#11599NetCaptor.rar1.4 MB0xF55C82DD

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On Friday September 28, 2012 nonhocapito said:

It is cracked, obviously, considering that the license isn't available any more. The .bak is there just for archiving purposes. The exe works fine.

On Thursday September 27, 2012 Rauli said:

Why does it include a Netcaptor.exe and a Netcaptor.exe.bak?
Is it cracked, patched, disinfected or what?