Category: OS
Year: 1993
Description:This is the Nextstep 3.2 CD ISO image for M68k NeXT and X86 PCs, and boot floppy images. Tested in the Previous emulator, and appears to be correct. Note that Nextstep 3.x ISO images uses a BSD file system instead of the standard ISO file system. To burn this to a CD, you must use burning software that does not check the ISO structure. (Due to upload limitations, this is a 7z file inside a multipart RAR)
Manufacturer: NeXT Computer
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14041NeXT NEXTSTEP 3.2 (M68K)(x86).part1.rar85.8 MB0x54AD898AFake?
#14042NeXT NEXTSTEP 3.2 (M68K)(x86).part2.rar66.8 MB0xE9FE9068Fake?

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On Sunday January 4, 2015 earllogic said:

my archiver software say second file is broken.