NeXT Developer CD 3.3

Category: System
Year: 1995
Description:This is the NeXTSTEP Developer CD. It includes the SDK tools and documentation for compiling applications on NeXTSTEP. It even includes the SOURCE to the compilers and tools that are based on the GNU project material.
Manufacturer: NeXT Computer
Localization: EN

Files to download

#15867NeXTSTEP3.3-Developer.iso.part1.rar50 MB0x4273C1
#15868NeXTSTEP3.3-Developer.iso.part2.rar50 MB0x3329FDD7
#15869NeXTSTEP3.3-Developer.iso.part3.rar50 MB0xF8AF9449
#15870NeXTSTEP3.3-Developer.iso.part4.rar24 MB0x1AF88DA9

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On Friday February 21, 2020 Geist said:

It's for NextStep 3.3 (although some parts runs also on 3.0+). Multiplatform: x86, m68k (tested), sparc, risc.