Category: System
Year: 2004
Description:Boot Disk Util to read/write NTFS partitions + Flash mem.
Manufacturer: Datapol
Localization: EN

Files to download

#214Datapol NTFS4DOS USB flash Cdrom Mouse.rar919.3 KB0x5E57A101

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On Monday September 14, 2009  said:

This requires WinImage or some similar program that can open IMZ image files. I've not yet checked if this version of NTFS4DOS allows write access, many that claim to do not. Some allow partial access - meaning you cannot created files, only copy over existing ones.

On Thursday May 29, 2008 luisito said:

utility to hadle NTFS in DOS

On Sunday July 29, 2007 abellocchio (guest) said:

La versione 1.01 e' del settembre 2004. Non ho trovato versioni precedenti.