NCGopher 1.5

Category: Communication
Year: 2020
Description:NCGopher v1.5 - - Public domain =========================================================== ## Introduction ## NCGopher is a simple gopher client for DOS, made for the sole purpose of having a client with decent speed that runs on an 8088. It depends heavily on mTCP's netcat utility. To be very precise, here is what you need to use NCGopher: ## System Requirements ## * 8088 or 80x86 based machine with 640kb of RAM (less?) * DOS (only tested on 6.22, but older versions should work) * Ethernet card, installed and configured * Working and running packet driver for ethernet * mTCP from Michael Brutman, * mTCP configuration to match your network, nc.exe working. This latest version has an option in the CFG file for a QUIET mode, to support the bundled NCQ utility (a custom compiled version of mTCP's NC utility, with a -quiet argument.) You can still use this with the normal Netcat (NC) from mTCP by setting "QUIET=0" in the configuration. See the included .TXT files for details.
Manufacturer: tfurrows
Localization: EN

Files to download

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