NBench 2.1

Category: Utility
Year: 1995
Description:Nbench for Windows NT and Windows 95 Dec. 1995 ------------------------------------ Keywords -------- Nbench Windows NT Windows 95 Utility Benchmark Description ----------- Nbench reports the following components of performance: - CPU speed: integer and floating operations/sec - L1 and L2 cache speeds: MB/sec - main memory speed: MB/sec - disk read and write speeds: MB/sec SMP systems and multi-tasking OS efficiency can be tested using up to 20 separate threads of execution. Requirements ------------ Windows NT or Windows 95, for Intel CPU. Files Included -------------- Nbench.EXE executable program file Nbench.HLP Windows HELP file Readme.TXT this file Results.TXT some benchmark results Installation ------------ Move above files into directory of your choice. Double-click Nbench.EXE to start.
Manufacturer: mico@msn.com
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

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On Sunday January 22, 2023 Maxx said:

I am very fond of this utility. I still use it today with both HDD and SSD, and it still does its job well. I wish I could contact the author; the date of the readme.txt file says 6 september 1996, it's been 27 years, I trust he's still alive :-)