NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (ISO image)

Category: Games
Year: 2003
Description:This is an ISO-9660 image of the most popular Papyrus sim ever released: NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. This is arguably the single BEST racing simulation available for Windows, period. Only 100,000 copies were sold before the product was pulled from the shelves and production ceased. As a result, obtaining and original NR2003 CD-ROM is extremely difficult, and the demand for this sim has driven the eBay price of a typical NR2003 CD above $150 for a used copy, and over $400 for a new, boxed copy. By contrast, I bought the sim new late 2003 when it was released, and I paid only $40. While I would highly encourage finding an original disc if you can, I have made my disc available here, if you want to try it. You will need to use the included patch, and if you want to play without the CD image, use the separate NR2003.exe (after you have applied the patch, of course). The CD key is included in the archive in "key_and_patches.rar." INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Mount the CD image using DAEMON tools, or Windows 10's built-in CD image handling stack; 2) Install the product using the supplied key, full installation/all options; 3) Apply the to patch; 4) Copy the included NR2003.exe to the base NR2003 directory, overwriting the existing file. Visit to see what the massive NR2003 modding community has been doing to keep this wonderful product alive. Splash'N'Go Graphics has done a wonderful job supplying updated seasons/cars for later NASCAR seasons. If you really want to know why this sim is #1, look no further than here:
Manufacturer: Papyrus Design Group
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#19453key_and_patches.rar17.3 MB0xBB20FFB5
#19454NR2003.part01.rar50 MB0x7225BF72
#19455NR2003.part02.rar50 MB0x770C6780
#19456NR2003.part03.rar50 MB0xB36AFBE3
#19457NR2003.part04.rar50 MB0xC4EA3573
#19458NR2003.part05.rar50 MB0xE1F7CFDE
#19459NR2003.part06.rar50 MB0x3AA6E8E0
#19460NR2003.part07.rar50 MB0x8B443654
#19461NR2003.part08.rar50 MB0x560067CB
#19462NR2003.part09.rar38.3 MB0x9464F8DE

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On Sunday April 29, 2018 Bob Schtmitkinberg said:

I got the OS partially wrong in the description (I should have selected Win2K/XP, but it runs on Win9x/2K/XP). I would also like to add that this runs great under Windows 10, and runs flawlessly with Intel integrated graphics solutions. Be sure to apply the patch and the no-cd patch if you want to play without the CD image (in fact, you can just copy the contents of the CD to any other folder and run the installer there, although a CD key is still required). This uses DirectX 8.1, which used shader model 1.0 (these shaders are written in assembly language vs. HLSL or GLSL). If you run this with the "ReShade" mod, which modifies the main .EXE by replacing its draw calls with DirectX 9+, you will need a fancier graphics card to compile and run any new shaders. With this mod, you can select from a group of pre-made shaders, or you write our own custom pixel and vertex shaders as well!!

On Sunday April 29, 2018 Bob Schtmitkinberg said:

For those who are wondering, large files (I'm guessing in excess of 100 MB) must be split into parts in order to be uploaded here. To get the resulting ISO image, download all files and place them in the same directory. Right-click "NR2003.part01," and select "extract" (assuming using WinRAR). The ISO image will automatically be extracted from the remaining .part files.
*** A CD key is located in "key_and_patches.rar"​;****