NASCAR Racing 2 (ISO image) 1.0

Category: Games
Year: 1996
Description:This is an ISO 9660 image of the original NASCAR Racing 2 (English/North American) CD-ROM. It contains all original NASCAR 2 content. This sim is quite possibly the best racer for MS-DOS. Computer Gaming World magazine gave it an extremely rare 5 out of 5 stars. The only awkwardly designed feature is saving a race in mid-race (you have to exit the race, select "leave track," and then select "save on exit"). On modern machines, this runs great in DOSBox. Just about any machine with in Intel Core 2 Duo or better will run this very smoothly. MULTIPLAYER NOTES: NASCAR Racing 2 supports IPX only, but it is pretty easy to set up. A CD or CD image is required for multiplayer games (this CD image works great). For multiplayer on modern machines, you will need to configure DOSBox's IPX settings (VOGONS is a good website, or just do an internet search for "DOSBox IPX"). If you want to race this via multiplayer using a modern "DOSbox machine" against real machines of the Windows 95/98 era, you'll need to configure a DOSBox SVN build on the modern/"DOSBox machine" called "DOSBox SVN-Daum."
Manufacturer: Papyrus Design Group
Localization: EN

Files to download

#19436NASCAR2.zip76.2 MB0xE707943

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