NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition (ISO image) 1.0

Category: Games
Year: 1998
Description:NASCAR Racing 1999 edition uses much the same graphics engine, physics engine, and user interface as NASCAR Racing 2, but includes native Windows 9x support, 3DFX support, NASCAR 1998 Cup series, and the Craftsman Truck Series. Graphics are very slightly enhanced from NASCAR 2, and it features a newer, easier-to-read instrument panel. It primarily runs in MS-DOS, but it also runs natively in Windows. To run this in Windows 10, get a program called "nglide," ( install it, then install NR1999. it should run great. The Windows version does NOT include multiplayer options, so you must run the game from DOS (DOSBox on modern machines - with IPX enabled) if you want multiplayer options.
Manufacturer: Papyrus Design Group
Localization: EN

Files to download

#19446NR1999.part01.rar50 MB0x528707CD
#19447NR1999.part02.rar50 MB0xDE0B10D6
#19448NR1999.part03.rar50 MB0x8A3F0774
#19449NR1999.part04.rar50 MB0xB09D69B5
#19450NR1999.part05.rar50 MB0x2CB1D011
#19451NR1999.part06.rar50 MB0x7F4F1F5A
#19452NR1999.part07.rar27.8 MB0xBE3CD1FC

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On Sunday April 29, 2018 Bob Schtmitkinberg said:

Download all .part files to the same directory. In WinRAR, open the file NR1999.part01, and simply extract. The remaining parts will be combined automatically during the extraction process to form the ISO image. To run the DOS version on a modern machine, you will need DOSBox. To install/run natively in Windows 10, install nGlide, and then use the Windows installer on the NR1999 CD image. Just keep in mind that the Windows version contains no multiplayer interface, as stated above.