Motorola RSS R08.01.00

Category: Other
Year: ????
Description:Motorola RSS allows for programming Motorola handheld radios: GP300/P110/GP350/GP280/GP88 --- README.TXT --- HVN9128A Version R08.01.00 of the GP300/GP350 RSS now supports the new GP350 models. PEOPLE FINDER and RF LINKS are also supported. P110 models are not supported in this release. Please continue to use version R07.00.00 of the GP300 RSS for the P110 models. These GP350 radio models are supported: P93MGC00A1__ P94MGC00C1__ P93MGC00A2__ P94MGC00C2__ P93MGC00C1__ P94MGC00C3__ P93MGC00C2__ P94MGC00C4__ P93MGC20A1__ P94MGC20A2__ P93MGC20A2__ P94MGC20C1__ P93MGC20C1__ P94MGC20C2__ P93MGC20C2__ P94MGC20C3__ P94MGC00A2__ P94MGC20C4__ These GP300 radio models are supported: P93YPC00C2__ P93YPC20G2__ P94YPC20A2__ P93YPC00C3__ P94YPC00A1__ P94YPC20A3__ P93YPC00C4__ P94YPC00A2__ P94YPC20A4__ P93YPC00C8AA P94YPC00A3__ P94YPC20C1__ P93YPC00D1__ P94YPC00A4__ P94YPC20C2__ P93YPC00D2__ P94YPC00C1__ P94YPC20C3__ P93YPC00D3__ P94YPC00C2__ P94YPC20C4__ P93YPC00D4__ P94YPC00C3__ P94YPC20C5__ P93YPC20A1__ P94YPC00C3__ P94YPC20C6__ P93YPC20A2__ P94YPC00C4__ P94YPC20D1__ P93YPC20C1__ P94YPC00C5__ P94YPC20D2__ P93YPC20C2_F P94YPC00D1__ P94YPC20D3__ P93YPC20C2__ P94YPC00D2__ P94YPC20D4__ P93YPC20C8AA P94YPC00D3__ P94YPC20D5__ P93YPC20D1__ P94YPC00D4__ P94YPC20D6__ P93YPC20D2_F P94YPC00D5__ P94YPC20G2__ P93YPC20D2__ P94YPC20A1__
Manufacturer: Motorola
Localization: EN

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