Microsoft Xbox Source 1.00.4400

Category: OS
Year: 2002
Description:Source code to the Microsoft XBOX kernel version 1.00.4400
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows NT/2000

Files to download

#18170Microsoft Xbox (1.00.4400) [April 2002] [src].7z59.5 MB0xDAFAB9EE

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On Friday April 6, 2018 CodeAsm said:

This is the barnabas collins repack.
meaning you dont get the dashboard or online sourcecode. this sourcecode tree is known to compile the KERNEL/BIOS only, if you add the "Windows 2003 Driver Development Kit" (DDK) in its build path.
There are some other archives leaked with other Xbox sourcecode from the same version, but those arent complete and cant be made to compile (yet). they do belong together with this archive to the same xbox 4400 unreleased kernel and dashboard. This is probably a partial leak from a unhappy hacker back in the day. full source is yet to be found.