Microsoft Word 6 6

Category: Office
Year: 1993
Description:6.0 is the last version for DOS. Like version 5.5, this version has a Mac/Windows-like user interface and overlapping windows. By this time with all the other WYSIWYG editors and desktop publishers, Word 6 for DOS was an odd holdout. It maintained the same text mode fallback and minimal graphical formatting as the original 1983 version. Archive includes nine 3.5" 720k floppy disk images and six 5.25" 1.2mb floppy disk images.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#21361Microsoft Word 6.0 for DOS (3.5-720k) (5.25-1.2mb).7z5.3 MB0xCFD01F35

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