Microsoft Word 1.15 for DOS 1.15

Category: Office
Year: 1984
Description:Microsoft Word 1.15 for DOS Released in 1984 by Microsoft For IBM Personal Computers The easiest way to get started with Microsoft Word 1.15 is to copy the folders in HDFiles to a folder, mount that folder as C: in DOSBox, change to C:\WORD and run WORD. Note: The DOSBox mouse driver may have some redrawing issues with Word. Note: This software contains copy protection, and no unprotect is provided. It appears that it only checks the copy protection if it is run from a floppy. This archive contains the following disks: Microsoft Word 1.15 Disk 1 - Program Disk Microsoft Word 1.15 Disk 2 - Utilities Disk Learning Microsoft Word Microsoft Mouse Bus Version (2.50) Microsoft Word 1.15 - Program Disk Backup Copy Raw and ImageDisk images are provided, however they will not create a usable Program Disk 1. To create a usable Microsoft Word program disk 1, see the file "makeword.txt" in the writeprt folder.
Manufacturer: Not specified
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13037Microsoft Word 1.15 for DOS.zip3.8 MB0x255AB521

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