Microsoft Windows 98 PLUS!

Category: Other
Year: 1998
Description:Add-on for Windows 98, adds several games and desktop themes
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#20824CD - Microsoft Plus 98.part01.rar30 MB0x720B701D
#20825CD - Microsoft Plus 98.part02.rar30 MB0xD04315CA
#20826CD - Microsoft Plus 98.part03.rar30 MB0x7398AB7E
#20827CD - Microsoft Plus 98.part04.rar30 MB0x4BABF902
#20828CD - Microsoft Plus 98.part05.rar30 MB0x37757A07
#20829CD - Microsoft Plus 98.part06.rar30 MB0x35EA9A65
#20830CD - Microsoft Plus 98.part07.rar30 MB0xCE5478F9
#20831CD - Microsoft Plus 98.part08.rar20.7 MB0x3131436BFake?

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