Microsoft Windows /286 2.1

Category: OS
Year: 1988
Description:Microsoft Windows 286 v2.1 (1988) with Presentation Manager. Copied from 7 original 3.5" double-density disks. Disk titles: 1)Setup and Build. 2)Displays. 3) Utilities 1. 4)Utilities 2. 5)Fonts. 6) Desktop Applications and Microsoft Windows Write. 7)Additional Drivers. NOTES: Perfect integrity in ALL files (no errors). Hard to make in work over modern OS.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#4840MS_Win_286.zip2 MB0xD403AEBD

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On Wednesday October 31, 2018 Aditya Mitra said:

How to boot with it?

On Tuesday July 14, 2015 Mousy said:

Yes Windows 1.x through Windows 3.11 run very well in DOSBOX and VirtualBox. I have all versions currently running.

On Thursday April 30, 2015 8thBladeClan said:

FINALLY!!! i found a windows 2.0! i am happy now. i have had a question for a while. does anyone know if dosbox or windows virtual PC supports running the old Macintosh OS? or the old amigaOS? i have been really wanting one...

On Friday April 9, 2010  said:

Microsoft Windows 2.1/286 as the title says. Unfortunately no floppy images just copied files into folders, but everything is working.