Microsoft QuickBASIC for Mac 1.00

Category: System
Year: 1990
Description:QuickBasic for the Mac combines the interpreter from Microsoft Basic 3.0 and the Microsoft BASIC compiler, that were sold previously separately. Requires a Macintosh Plus or later (128k ROM required), and System 4.1/Finder 5.5 or higher. MacOS 7.x or later is not compatible. A minor update "1.00e" makes it compatible with MacOS 7.x, but it is still not compatible with pure 32-bit Macs (more than 16MB of RAM). Microsoft Basic/QuickBasic for the Mac was officially discontinued in 1995. This archive contains two 800K Macintosh disk images in raw sector format.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17911Microsoft QuickBASIC for Mac 1.00 (10-15-1990) (3.5-800k).7z408.8 KB0x47A369BE
#17913Microsoft QuickBASIC for Mac 1.00 Supplements (3.5-1.44mb).7z491 KB0x3FE23BE9
#17912Microsoft QuickBASIC for Mac 1.00e (4-23-1992) (3.5-800k).7z315.7 KB0x654D1316

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