Microsoft QuickBASIC Compiler 4.00

Category: System
Year: 1987
Description:4.0 introduced threaded p-code technology, which error-checks lines when typed and runs programs almost instantly in the editor environment. You can load multiple modules within the editing environment. Hercules graphics support Recursive SUBprogram procedures User-defined TYPE variables (TYPE...END TYPE) Huge dynamic arrays (larger than 64K) Fixed-length strings CALLs to high-level languages (Microsoft C, FORTRAN, Pascal)Enhanced debugger in editor allows setting breakpoints, watch points, and watch variables, plus MS CodeView compatibility. New on-line help for Basic syntax.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17910Microsoft QuickBASIC Compiler 4.00 (3.5).7z682 KB0x3DED5A30

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