Microsoft Office 97 97

Category: Office
Year: 1997
Description:Microsoft's Office 97
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#4926OFFICE97.part01.rar7.6 MB0xBF3FD5DF
#4927OFFICE97.part02.rar7.6 MB0xCE9FEA88
#4928OFFICE97.part03.rar7.6 MB0x5EEE26DA
#4929OFFICE97.part04.rar7.6 MB0x633B376D
#4930OFFICE97.part05.rar7.6 MB0xB882E045
#4931OFFICE97.part06.rar7.6 MB0x6478E0E2
#4932OFFICE97.part07.rar7.6 MB0x47C99605
#4933OFFICE97.part08.rar7.6 MB0xD144E0A4
#4934OFFICE97.part09.rar7.6 MB0x8914BF18
#4935OFFICE97.part10.rar7.6 MB0xCB211FAC
#4936OFFICE97.part11.rar7.6 MB0x886F0236
#4937OFFICE97.part12.rar7.6 MB0x3E049872
#4938OFFICE97.part13.rar7.6 MB0x89148324
#4939OFFICE97.part14.rar7.6 MB0xADC08A86
#4940OFFICE97.part15.rar4.3 MB0x762BCFF1

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On Sunday September 28, 2014 Ian Thompson said:

Fantabidozy works a treat serial in when sign in to install all is good

On Tuesday April 8, 2014 arrokito said:

someone has the zip serial??

On Wednesday August 14, 2013  said:

Downloading ... but not tested yet.
I am glad to see download links.

On Saturday June 29, 2013  said:

I always use Office 97 Portable, it starts very quick versus e.g. Office 2007, and it is still today really compatibel with Windows 7 x32 i have. Thanks for your comments, I download the parts and will join them and try.
Many thanks to the Poster for this CD-Image, because Word 97 does not have Ribbon-Technology of Office 2007

On Monday June 10, 2013  said:

this makes me feel like i'm listening to radio Nostalgie La legende!
cheers mate, this is one of my favorite office suites!

On Friday October 28, 2011 gunkara23 said:

it works, thanks.

On Sunday July 11, 2010 AllgiarFan said:

baron Greenback -
It is a split archive. When all of the archives are downloaded and in the same folder, the OFFICE97.ISO file will be extracted.

On Sunday June 20, 2010 052198 said:

I didn't get any download limit. I was able to download all 15 .rar parts within 10 minutes, with all of them downloading. It worked for me.

On Monday May 24, 2010  said:

Great It works, Thank u very much

On Thursday May 20, 2010  said:

Bad News
You reached your daily download limit. Please wait 17.8 hours until our day ends and try again.
It happens when downloading fourth part.
Please upload the single rar archive, I hate the download limit.

On Friday February 26, 2010 baron Greenback said:

Do you have to download every file? I
downloaded part 1 and 2 and it had the same thing in.(OFFFICE 97.ISO)

On Sunday October 4, 2009  said:

It's missing a help fle, but otherwise Fantastic!

On Saturday August 1, 2009 DarkShadows said:

It works well under win2k

On Friday June 26, 2009 peter gilligan said:

Love this software, used it in school lol
thanks guys

On Sunday June 7, 2009 themaritimegirl said:

Works perfect! This is the Professional Edition - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Binder.
First version with the unpopular Office Assistant.
To install it, download all of the .RAR files to one location, then open the OFFICE97.part01.rar file in WinRAR. Extract the .ISO file. When that's done, you can delete the .RAR files. (WinRAR detects that the multiple .RAR files are for one program, so, as long as they are in the same location, you just need to open the Part 1 file and extract the ISO.)
After that, you can either burn the ISO to a CD using IMGBurn or another ISO/IMG burning program, or you can use a program like WinImage to extract the files from the ISO and run setup from there.
Thanks, uploader!

On Wednesday June 3, 2009 DJsindahouse said:

Dose it Work? pls respond!!!

On Wednesday December 24, 2008 curtis lee said:

man, ive been looking for this for a LONG time! too bad theres a daily download limit =(

On Friday December 19, 2008 RuitjesRaver said:

It's an administrative install so you don't need one.
But just in case the CD key is included in the RAR info