Microsoft Money 95 4.0

Category: Office
Year: 1995
Description:Microsoft Money for Windows 95
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#6172Microsoft Money 95.part1.rar4 MB0x57CBC551
#6173Microsoft Money 95.part2.rar4 MB0xBAF30BB3Fake?
#6174Microsoft Money 95.part3.rar3.6 MB0xEA25F89B

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On Tuesday June 28, 2016 uhy89978o said:


On Wednesday April 9, 2014 BORAT said:

When opening with 7-Zip :
Microsoft Money 95.part1.rar constains "Microsoft Money 95.iso". Extraction OK.
Microsoft Money 95.part2.rar and Microsoft Money 95.part3.rar contain "Microsoft Money 95.iso" but extraction ends with "corrupted file" for both rar files !!!!

On Thursday July 12, 2012 JDM2112 said:

Not fake - this works perfectly!
I used the 111111 number when asked for CD key and I had no problem.
I did have a small problem extracting disk2 with 7zip so I switched to WinRAR instead and it had no problem

On Monday January 3, 2011 sleeper99 said:

450-Followed by any combinations of nubmers will work.

On Thursday October 1, 2009  said:

Try CD-Key of 111-1111111. That one worked for me.

On Sunday September 27, 2009 Nathan Pinno said:

I wonder if I have to type in the CD key?