Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) for DOS and OS/2 5.10

Category: System
Year: 1988
Description:MASM v5.10 single folder installation using hand crafted batch files. Edit SETUP.BAT, then run it. There is also a new MODERN.INI key behaviour for the Editor. See 0README.TXT
Manufacturer: Miscrosoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20783MASM510-dos-installed.zip619.8 KB0xBBF6A5AE
#20781MASM510-installer.zip1.2 MB0x7A0AB975
#20782MASM510-os2-dos-installed.zip1005.1 KB0xC0E8227A

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On Saturday April 6, 2019 paulwratt said:

DOS Installed has the editor in the BIN folder along with TOOL.INI
BOTH (DOS & OS/2) Installed has the Editor in a separate folder with TOOL.INI
For the Editor, you can make your own key configurations, eg MODERN.INI has Windows-like key commands. You can make it EMACS or NANO like, and create extensions (in EXT)