Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 6.22

Category: OS
Year: 1994
Description:Spanish language operating system in four HD floppy disks. Original diskette WinImages.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: ES

Files to download

#4662DOS622ES.zip4.4 MB0x6092A802

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On Tuesday February 19, 2013  said:

Downloaded and checked. Matches the genuine MS-DOS 6.22 ES floppies I dumped a time ago.

On Saturday January 3, 2009 Alberto Solis said:

The original image disk files, boot from disk1 and install MS-DOS 6.22 Spanish (If something goes wrong with Disk3, edit the image with WinImage and change structure to 1.4MB and Voila!)
Las imagenes de los disquetes originales, arranca con el Disco 1 e instala MS-DOS 6.22 Espa?ol (Si algo va mal con el Disco 3, edita la imagen con WinImage y cambia la estructura a 1.4MB y Voila!)