Microsoft MS-DOS 2.11 [Visual Commuter OEM r1.9]

Category: OS
Year: 1985
Description:This is the release of MS-DOS provided with Visual Commuter portable computers. Archive also includes the Commuter Operators Guide, MS-DOS manual, Basic Manual, Maintenance Manual with schematics, and SMT No-Slot clock drivers.
Manufacturer: Visual Technology, Incorporated / Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#22223Microsoft MS-DOS 2.11 [Visual Commuter OEM r1.9] (1985) (5.25-360k).7z181 MB0x43192EBB

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On Thursday February 11, 2021 mousy54 said:

I believe that the Visual Commuter zip file has a corrupt disk image. The name is disk02s2.img. File size is 140,360. I'm, guessng it should be 163,840.

On Wednesday December 16, 2020 ahmad said: