Microsoft MS-DOS 2.00 [Olivetti M20 OEM] 2.00

Category: OS
Year: 1983
Description:The Microsoft MS-DOS 2.0 adapted for the Olivetti M20 with the APB86 board. This is a standard 360k MS-DOS disk image, 512 bytes/sector, 9 sectors, 2 sides, 40 tracks. Includes Imagedisk and raw image. IMPORTANT: This disk will not work on IBM PCs, clones, emulators, or virtualizers. This OEM release will only work with an Olivetti M20 with an APB86 board.
Manufacturer: Olivetti
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14671Microsoft MS-DOS 2.00 [Olivetti M20 OEM](5.25).7z92.5 KB0x43BDCC77

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