Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0 3.0

Category: Games
Year: 1988
Description:Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0. To play simply run FS3.exe
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#5116Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0.zip467.9 KB0x3760ABA9

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On Tuesday July 3, 2018 Tálassa Tsiolkóvskiy said:

1ª referência:​Microsoft%20Flight%20Simulator​%203.00/?id=4401
2ª referência:​Microsoft%20Flight%20Simulator​%203.0%203.0/?id=4886
Os dois conteúdos originais são absolutamente iguais!

On Thursday October 28, 2010  said:

I recall seeing this game demo'd at our local computer store, some 20+ years ago. Was a 'killer app' on the IBM-PC back then..

On Wednesday July 29, 2009 lukedoncaster said:

Good Flight simulator! It Works perfectly and doesnt freeze. Trust me if you like retro games try THIS.