Microsoft DOS 6.2/V 6.2

Category: OS
Year: 1993
Description:Japanese DOS/V version 6.2 with English setup.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: JA

Files to download

#8064msdos62v.zip6.7 MB0x5B96C9C0
#21901MS-DOS_Extension_for_FMV_series.ZIP1.3 MB0xBC3E6C0A
#2190362V_SETUP_US_FDD_IMAGE.zip6.7 MB0xE1795A41

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On Tuesday June 14, 2011 sholzapfeld said:

Is not useless if you use HP Bootflash Utility. With it, you can create a bootable flashdrive with those files.

On Wednesday December 15, 2010  said:

is not floppy image, file is directly in the zip , so is useless like that