Microsoft BASIC-86 5.21 [Seattle Computer Products]

Category: System
Year: 1981
Description:This disk image contains two early releases of Microsoft BASIC-86, as provided by Microsoft for the Seattle Computer Products S-100 machines. They are both "5.21" but one is internally dated 11-Nov-81 and the other is dated 11-Aug-81. The earlier one is a day before the release of the IBM Personal Computer. Both files will run under later versions of DOS. They do not require BASIC in ROM. This archive contains one 8" SSSD floppy image in ImageDisk format.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17869Microsoft BASIC-86 5.21 [Seattle Computer Products] (1981) (8 inch).7z27.8 KB0x7010D90F

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