Microsoft BASIC-80 Rev. 4.3 [IMSIA] [CP/M-80]

Category: System
Year: 1977
Description:Contains one Single-Sided Single Density 8-inch disk image in "standard" CP/M format. This disk contains MBASIC 4.3, with a copyright date of 1977. It also includes a number of sample basic files, with copyright dates of 1977-1980. This version of MBASIC does not seem to run properly in 22Nice. Unlike other mislabeled entries on this site, this one really does seem to be from ~1977.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17921Microsoft BASIC-80 4.3 [IMSIA] [CPM-80] (8-inch).zip136.3 KB0xD55DD97

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