Microsoft BASIC Interpreter 3.0 for Mac

Category: System
Year: 1986
Description:For m68K based Macintosh computers running System 1 to 6. Microsoft BASIC Interpreter for the Mac is a GUI based implementation of Microsoft's BASIC product. It can make use of the Macintosh's mouse, graphics, windowing, and more. This version does not include a compiler. A separate Mac compiler product was released about the same time as this version. This archive contains one 400k disk image in raw sector format. (At the time of this posting Vetusware has no "Mac" selection for Operating System type)
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#17888Microsoft BASIC Interpreter 3.0 for Mac (9-30-1986) (3.5-400k).7z236.3 KB0xCE1F8AFF

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