McAfee Associates VirusScan v0.6V39

Category: Utility
Year: 1989
Description:VIRUSCAN version 0.6V39 can identify 39 major virus strains and numerous sub-varieties for each strain. The 39 viruses include the twelve most common viruses which account for over 90% of all reported PC infections. These common viruses include: - Pakistani Brain - Jerusalem - Alameda - Cascade (1701/1704) - Ping Pong - Stoned - Lehigh - Den Zuk - Datacrime (Columbus Day/October 12th) - Fu Manchu - Vienna (DOS 62) - April First Viruscan can also identify the 3066 virus (Traceback), the Icelandic virus, the 405 virus, the Datacrime-2 virus, Disk Killer and other viruses that have been reported in Europe but have not caused significant problems in the U.S. as yet.
Manufacturer: McAfee Associates
Localization: EN

Files to download

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