Managing Your Money 12.0

Category: Office
Year: 1995
Description:Managing Your Money 12.0 - by Meca software LLC. NOTE: This is the last DOS version. November 07, 1995 Serial: N/A System Requirements: DOS 3.0, 512K Ram, IBM PC/XT/AT, PS/1, PS/2, IBM Compatibles, and a hard disk. Meca's products include Managing Your Money, TaxCut and Home Lawyer Home banking with builtin word processor Andrew Tobias' Managing Your Money® takes care of everything. With it, you'll pay bills, balance your checkbook, track your investments, keep all your records, perform financial calculations. MANAGING YOUR MONEY - March 09, 2017 "This was meant to be the only software you’d ever need. It paid your bills, estimated your taxes, managed your portfolio, helped with your life insurance — it even had a word processor built in. I still use the final DOS version — Version 12 — even though the world has long since passed DOS by. I feel like one of those people on a remote island who still get by with the old customs, the old language, as the bulldozers creep ever closer." - AppleSeed 2017 -
Manufacturer: MECA Software LLC
Localization: EN

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On Thursday September 15, 2022 Charles J. Hoyenski III said:

G-d bless you'all, trying to get MYM check writing software (just wasted thirty bucks today on checksoft, it goes out the web and gives out all kind's of personal info. INCLUDING your bank routing number, decided it was not worth the risk ! Gonna try to revive this old program in win xp, it does NOT print routing numbers (it's for preprinted checks that already have that private info on the check so the pc never sees it !

On Saturday December 12, 2020 Bob Cappan said:

Run MYM with Windows 10 using DOSBOX. DOSBOX.COM

On Thursday October 24, 2019 Dennis Kane said:

You say you are using MYM on Win 10. Are you doing it in Hyper-V on an XP machine or what?

On Friday December 8, 2017 Bob Cappan said:

Still using MYM DOS on Windows 10 and Samsung Smart Phone. Wish there was a DOS for the iPad.