Magic Mushroom demo

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1987
Description:This is the (legendary) Magic Mushroom demo. This program plays a digitized advertisement on the PC speaker with quite high quality. This demo shows what an onboard 1-bit (on/off) speaker is capable of if programmed very cleverly.
Manufacturer: Predictive Management International
Localization: EN

Files to download

#5139Mushroom.zip206.5 KB0x434B06D3

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On Thursday December 6, 2018 ozzmosis said:

I should point out MUSHROOM.COM is very sensitive to keyboard input at startup. On fast PCs (or emulators) the program will quit because it still thinks you're pressing a key after you hit Enter to run it.
I'm not sure of the easiest way around that, but one method I used was to run it inside 4DOS:
delay && mushroom
which adds a one second delay before MUSHROOM.COM is called.

On Thursday December 6, 2018 ozzmosis said:

This works in DOSBox-X 0.82.12 (a fork of DOSBox).

On Saturday December 9, 2017 Net Mask said:

Didn't manage to get sound in DosBOX, probably need to try the real deal hear.

On Wednesday May 13, 2015 sattat said:

cool demo