Macintosh ROM Image 650

Category: OS
Year: ????
Description:ROM image from a Mac Quadra 650. Compatable with the "Basilisk II" emulator.
Manufacturer: Apple Computers
Localization: EN

Files to download

#5410MAC_ROM.rar432.2 KB0x791A3D3C

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On Sunday April 26, 2009 dMk said:

damn! i can't upload newworld & oldworld rom image, it's work on sheepshaver for better emulation than basilisk.

On Saturday February 28, 2009  said:

You need to extract the .rar file with a program like WinRar. You then use the file inside the .rar file with Basilisk II.

On Wednesday February 25, 2009 patrik said:

Does not work in basilisk II i donk know why