MachTen 2.2

Category: OS
Year: 1993
Description:This is MachTen for MacOS. If you can't run A/UX, this is the next best thing, it's a port 4.3BSD Tahoe to the Mac, that runs under MacOS. I've included the archive that I originally found this in, but disk 8 was unreadable, except for using a really old Mac, so I put the disk contents in the 'contents' archive. the ROC is a Read Only Compressed disk image of an installed set of MachTen & finally included an installed copy + emulator.
Manufacturer: Tenon Intersystems
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20079MachTen 2.2 Contents.img.Hqx.zip13.5 MB0xF7A760A0
#20078MachTen 2.2.sea.hqx.zip13.4 MB0x77C1F158
#20080MachTen-100(ROC).img.Hqx.zip15.3 MB0x99A7B81D
#20081MachTen2.2.AND.Emulator.7z8.9 MB0x60E6767D

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