MS-DOS5.0 x86 original untouched 5.0

Category: OS
Year: 1991
Description:5x 360kB Disks original untouched MS-DOS Raw Disk Images
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: DE

Files to download

#10625MSDOS5.0.zip1.4 MB0x4A16F571

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On Thursday November 15, 2012 Sabo443 said:

And another...
The description promises "5 x 360 KB images".
In fact they are 3 x 720 KB images. :(

On Thursday November 15, 2012 Sabo443 said:

So called "untouched"... what a joke!
The uploader is faking and wants to show off!
Not many title their uploads as "untouched", even the images are.
The date of the autoexec.bat on disk1 is from 1995(!) while the OS is from 1991. Pooh!
And that's not enough... this file is not just touched, it's even modified ("REM" before setup).
Setzen, 6!