MS-DOS J3100 mode(&dos/v) boot disk 6.20/V

Category: OS
Year: 1994
Description:Those 1.44MB FD Images are bootable on VirtualBox.(Only VirtualBox can run J3100 emulator.) In case of real machine E000-EFFF must be free.
Manufacturer: TOSHIBA Microsoft
Localization: JA

Files to download

#17831j31dos6(dosvboot_with_24dot_font).zip941.9 KB0x7769CAEC
#17832j36atok.zip1 MB0xB96C6592
#18520j36atok.zip1 MB0x9A69EC3B

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On Thursday June 1, 2017 motsu said:

Use jkeyb.sys and jkeybrd.sys insted of and keyboard.sys when use real J3100 machine.