MS-DOS Boot disk collection

Category: OS
Year: 1994
Description:A collection of 8 MS-DOS boot disks from 3.3 to 6.22. Included is 7 floppy images and an ISO image. These can be used in an X86 emulator.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#5165MS-DOS_Boot_disk_collection.zip4.4 MB0x5798EA6B

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On Monday May 18, 2009 rudi said:

These are 16 bit MS-DOS boot disks. Some of the later versions have optical drive support. The set also has a 5.25 floppy image for very old hardware.
As Mpolanski says, these are not whole systems, just the main parts.

It's possible to expand the size of the images with 'Winimage'. E.g I converted one of these to a 2.88mb image so I had room to add an old DOS program or two. Then I loaded it with 'Bochs' emulator. It worked well.

On Sunday February 15, 2009 Caroline Snicket said:

These were very useful. I needed to install Windows 3.1 on a computer, and did not have a DOS Disk. I downloaded this set, downloaded Magic ISO to my computer, and, voila. I could set up 3.1. For those who want to use Windows 3.1, I would suggest using DOS 6.22. This is great software, and I would recommend downloading it.

On Thursday February 5, 2009  said:

.img format boot disks works great with MS Virtual PC.
3.3, 4.01, 5.0, 6.0, 6.21, 6.22 (5 1/2"), and 6.22 included.
Those are only boot disks which do not contain whole system, just couple of files like, fdisk.exe, format.exe.
Rawrite.exe tool included.