MS-DOS 6.3 Beta 6.3

Category: OS
Year: 1994
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#12957MS-DOS 6.3 BETA.7z3.6 MB0x3CFC95B5Fake?

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On Monday September 23, 2019 pnix said:


On Wednesday October 26, 2016 darkstar said:

FAT32 Support??

On Saturday January 11, 2014 CJECulver said:

Seems legit. Only a file collection, not bootable. Create a blank disk image with WinImage with a DOS 6.22 boot sector. Inject IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS, DRVSPACE.BIN and COMMAND.COM (in that order) and save. You'll probably want to add FDISK, FORMAT and SYS, too. Note that COMMAND.COM reports v6.3, but the VER command still reports DOS 6.22.