MS-DOS 6.20 KOREAN 6.20 Korean

Category: OS
Year: ????
Description:This is Korean version of ms-dos 6.20.It's bootable 5-disk. Plus,it is setup version.Which means you can install dos on your system or you can just "sys c:"
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: KO

Files to download

#6642kor_dos6_20.rar7 MB0xC9DAF13A

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On Saturday October 31, 2009 Deadly Headshot said:

Even native Korean speakers will have trouble with this: the resolution's wrong - everything important is lost off the bottom of the screen. Maybe at the time Koreans all had Hercules cards or something...
I personally can't get past the OEM screen (I don't know Korean, but until now it's been intuitive. In fact, all that's foxed me here is NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE WHAT I'M DOING IN THIS RESOLUTION!)
It's worth noting that if you want to run this in VPC, you need to use WinImage to adjust the disk format from 1.41 to 1.44...