MS-DOS 5.0 Setup 5.0

Category: OS
Year: 1991
Description:Just 3 .IMA 5.25 floppy images. Use them to install MS-DOS 5.0.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#7715DOS 5.0.zip1.7 MB0xAF9974CD

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On Thursday July 9, 2020 eric flemming said:

It will not install all I get is "insert disk 1 into drive A: when ready hit return. after putting Disk 1 in to Drive A:

On Saturday April 19, 2014 blixel said:

Note this is 5.00a and not 5.00. Typing ver /r at the command prompt confirms that it's Revision A. Having said that, it's a good full install, not just a boot disk.
MS-DOS 5.0a is an updated version of 5.0, FORMAT.EXE, SETVER.EXE, EXPAND.EXE and even DOSSHELL.EXE are updated. MS- OS 5.0a is dated November 11th, 1991, while 5.0 is dated April 9th, 1991.

On Saturday January 18, 2014 Mousy said:

This is MS-DOS 5.00a.

On Wednesday July 18, 2012 Mr FYI said:

it works ! thnks

On Tuesday July 10, 2012 al tracker said:

Images are 720K 3.5" DSDD disks, not 5.25" disks.

On Friday June 11, 2010 kiwatiger said:

with winimage on windows, dd in linux or mac.

On Thursday June 10, 2010  said:

dear Sirs,
how can I restore the *.IMA files into floppis