MS-DOS 2.11

Category: OS
Year: 1984
Manufacturer: Micro Application
Localization: EN

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On Thursday January 6, 2011 Bill Mc said:

Download contains two 360k disk images.
Disk01 is bootable DOS disk and Disk02 has utlilities (DEBUG, LINK, BACKUP and RESTORE)
Bootup messages:
AT&T Personal Computer 6300 DOS Release 2.0
(c) 1984 by AT&T
Compatibility Software
(c) 1984 by Phoenix Software Associates Ltd.
Microsoft MS-DOS version 2.11
(c) 1981,82,83 Microsoft Corp
Command v. 2.11
Phoenix introduced the first commercial 100% PC compatible ROM BIOS in May 1984 (so OEMs did not need to reverse engineer their own)
Appears they also cloned IBM's external DOS commands