MS-DOS 2.00 [Seattle Computer Products OEM with Tarbell FDC] 2.00

Category: OS
Year: 1983
Description:This is a Seattle Computer Products OEM version of MS-DOS 2.00 for the 8086 SCP Gazelle with a Tarbell Disk Controller. This archive contains the original setup disk, and a work disk in ImageDisk format. The images are for 250k 8-inch floppy disk media (77 tracks, 1 head, 26 sectors per track, 128 bytes per sector FM) It also includes Basic-86 Rev 5.27 8-nov-82. Important: These disks are NOT for IBM PC compatible hardware or IBM PC emulators. Source: Note that the Altair emulator does not emulate Tarbell controllers.
Manufacturer: Seattle Computer Products
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14035Microsoft MS-DOS 2.00 [SCP OEM] (8 inch) [SCP Tarbell S-100].7z274.4 KB0xC9AF62FB

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