MS-DOS 1.25 (Zenith OEM Z-DOS 1.19) 1.25/1.19

Category: OS
Year: 1983
Description:Z-DOS was the operating system provided with Heath/Zenith Z-100 series computers. Z-DOS release 1.19 (a later 1983/84 release) is based on a heavily modified MS-DOS 1.25 core. This archive contains one 360k disk (yes, odd for DOS 1.x, but there it is) in raw, ImageDisk, Teledisk, and CopyIIPC+Snatchit format. Surprisingly, this image is bootable on an IBM PC, or an IBM PC emulator. Some of the utilities on the disk, however, are specific to Zenith hardware.
Manufacturer: Zenith/Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13546MS-DOS 1.25 (Zenith OEM Z-DOS 1.19).zip356.9 KB0x93E4F108

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On Friday July 11, 2014 mark48 said:

Confusingly, Zenith referred to their IBM PC compatible Z-150/160/170/180 machines as the "Z-100 PC" series. Yet software for the PC compatibles, such as this version of DOS, will not necessarily run on the original Z-100.
So there are two versions of Zenith DOS 1.25 (Z-DOS) this version for the PC compatibles, and another one for the Z-100.

On Monday March 31, 2014 badtrackzero said:

Actually, since this boots on a PC, it was probably meant for the Z-150 or later that were IBM compatible, or perhaps one of the Z-100 IBM PC compatiblity add-on solutions. DOS versions for the original Z-100 won't boot on IBM PCs.