MS-DOS 1.25 (Corona OEM R1.03) 1.25/R1.03

Category: OS
Year: 1983
Description:This is the Corona OEM version of MS-DOS 1.25 customized for use with the Corona PC. This archive contains one 320k disk image in raw and ImageDisk format. Note that WinImage may not work with DOS 1.x formatted disks.
Manufacturer: Microsoft/Corona Data Systems
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13579Microsoft MS-DOS 1.25 [Corona Data Systems OEM (BIOS 1.03)](5.25).7z185.1 KB0x55AAE1AA

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On Monday April 20, 2015 Mousy said:

This file is a modified version of 1.25-103 as all others on the internet have corrupt *.bas and gwbasic.exe files. They have been removed in this version. The floppy image will boot in dosbox and virtual box (haven't tried others, but is not readable using Winimage as it uses a very early dos floppy format.