MS-DOS 1.0

Category: OS
Year: 1981
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

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#10749msdos100.zip66.7 KB0x634D7CD6Fake?

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On Monday August 22, 2022 HGStyle said:

@ifgueijdc i agree

On Saturday August 13, 2022 ifgueijdc said:

EDIT : PC-DOS is a OEM / a part of MS-DOS.
PC-DOS is the IBM part / OEM of MS-DOS,
Z-DOS is the Zenith part / OEM of MS-DOS...

On Friday August 12, 2022 ifgueijdc said:

PCDOS is MSDOS but IBM wanted to rename it so IBM renamed it as "PC-DOS" but it's MS-DOS
Source :​s-vs-ms-dos/

On Monday March 2, 2020 hussonl said:

Ask for date over and over ?
Did you try to press CTRL+C ?

On Wednesday March 22, 2017 pcheese said:

fake it just asks for date over and over

On Sunday April 20, 2014 nashua said:

This is "The IBM Personal Computer DOS
Version 1.00 (C)Copyright IBM Corp 1981" The file contains a raw 160k disk image that can be written to a disk or mounted in an emulator such as MESS or PCE.
DOS 1.x does not implement some "standard" pieces of boot sector information, so utilities like WinImage may not open it, and some clone PC BIOSes may refuse to boot it.
This was written by Microsoft but the first publicly available "MS-DOS" was 1.25, and even then it was only available from OEMs until MS-DOS 3.2. Properly is is "IBM PC-DOS 1.00", but some people may still look for it as "MS-DOS".

On Thursday April 25, 2013  said:

it's PCdos 1.00 not MSDOS

On Tuesday December 25, 2012 comeburstingtheconcrete said:

It is formatted, but it's so old it doesn't have a file-system recognisable by most modern operating systems. If it's run in a virtual machine like VirtualBox or something, it works great. Just don't expect it to access any drive other than A or B, though, since those are allocated as floppy drives, and it doesn't seem to be able to access anything else.