MS-DOS - All Versions 3.2 - 6.22

Category: OS
Year: ????
Description:All versions of MS-DOS from 3.2 to 6.22. Full installs, not boot disks only. Tested with VirtualBox. See included README for details. Bonus: includes full version of MS's Multitasking DOS v4.0.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13289msdos_all.zip26.3 MB0xA97536A6

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On Saturday March 23, 2019 mlewellyn said:

Sadly, the README lists MS-DOS 6.3b as included, but this zip contains: 3.20, 3.21, 3.30, 4.0 Multitasking, 4.01, 5.0, 6.0, 6.2, 6.21, 6.22.
From 4.01 onwards are original install disks. 3.2-4.0 are of various provenance.

On Wednesday October 11, 2017 Varnei Aparecido Moreira said:

Thank you!

On Sunday May 18, 2014 ArendM said:

Thank you very much! Just what I needed.

On Saturday January 11, 2014 CJECulver said:

All versions of MS-DOS. Includes 3.20, 3.21, 3.30, 4.01, 5.0, 6.0, 6.2, 6.21 and 6.22. Earlier versions were OEM only; later versions were not released stand-alone.
These are full sets, not boot disks only. In most cases they are original install disks. They have been tested under VirtualBox. See the included README for details.
BONUS! Includes a working copy of Microsoft's multitasking DOS (sometimes called "European DOS 4") developed for ICL and never publically released.
All comments and suggestions welcome.