MS Office 95 95

Category: Office
Year: 1995
Description:MS Office 95
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 9x/ME

Files to download

#4724OFFICE95.part01.rar3.8 MB0x36330F63
#4725OFFICE95.part02.rar3.8 MB0x4348D0F0
#4726OFFICE95.part03.rar3.8 MB0x6FF90E30
#4727OFFICE95.part04.rar3.8 MB0xCE443F71
#4728OFFICE95.part05.rar3.8 MB0xCC71D9E2
#4729OFFICE95.part06.rar3.8 MB0x11DAF568
#4730OFFICE95.part07.rar3.8 MB0xEBADE67A
#4731OFFICE95.part08.rar3.8 MB0x64BD3D3
#4732OFFICE95.part09.rar3.8 MB0x9B937B1A
#4733OFFICE95.part10.rar2 MB0xA2DBD0E3

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On Tuesday September 12, 2017 Flemming Jacobsen said:

Good find, but can't use since I need Access 95

On Thursday February 12, 2015 clichouille said:

this is really gold, some ms files are too old to be open with somethingelse. I needed that! Thanks a lot.

On Saturday June 29, 2013 snoflaek said:

The 7-Zip File Manager reports that some of the ten RAR archives contain broken files. So I decided not to try to install.

On Sunday November 22, 2009  said:

Thank You So Much! I had MS office 97, but I could not find my CD for it. MSO95 is just as good!

On Saturday June 6, 2009 Javier Donoso said:

Thank you. This is Office 95 Professional Edition.

On Sunday May 24, 2009 themaritimegirl said:

Installs and works perfect! (I installed it in Windows 2000 Pro with SP4.) You do not need to put in a product key.
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Schedule+, and Binder. All 95 versions in English.
To the uploader, thanks!

On Thursday May 7, 2009  said:

This is the gold !!!!! I find this and i found this !!!!!