MS DOS Boot Disk 7.10

Category: OS
Year: 2023
Manufacturer: Wengier
Localization: EN

Files to download

#157Ms-Dos 7.10 Super Boot Disk.zip1.2 MB0xBB0FBCCC

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On Tuesday July 20, 2021 jeet said:

how to install and setep

On Thursday August 31, 2017 reksisto said:

This saved my life, many thanks for posting! I can't get freedos on my netbook but this works ok, just format a data usb to fat16 and it gets mounted as the c: drive. Seems to work well with 4dos, no problems so far.

On Thursday January 10, 2013  said:

Note that this is not a normal Microsoft boot disk. This is a custom Grub 0.5.95 and MS-DOS 7.1 (Win 9x DOS) boot disk with a DOS USB driver, and a number of other DOS drivers and utilities.

On Sunday October 16, 2011 Chuckie said:

it wont boot
even in windows cmd it tells me file not supported help!!!

On Monday May 26, 2008 luisito said:

boot disk for MS DOS version 7.10

On Thursday December 8, 2005 guest (guest) said:

from the China DOS Union, a collection of disk utilities and miscellaney that make up a pretty neat boot up disk, some surprises to boot too ;)